As the longest established company that trains Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in the world (first registered 1993 ) and well-established leaders in the field of personal development. We have, for years, worked with both individuals and companies to raise their level of self-empowerment and achievement. We are delighted that in October 2010 we have added the Colour Coaching division to join our flagship Coach Training programmes.

This website provides a wealth of resources and information for people who want to grow, and for people who want to train to be magnificent life coaches, executive coaches and corporate coaches. There are details of our comprehensive range of personal and corporate development courses, popular with individuals and companies alike. You may wish to benefit from our Life Coaching service or even train to be a Life Coach yourself. Alternately, you are free to browse, download and absorb the many free articles and pages of information relating to various coaching and self-development topics.

Our motto is "fortune favours the prepared mind" and all of our courses, presentations and products are aimed at providing you with the mindset you need to make the most of the life ahead of you. We firmly believe everyone has the ability to be, do and have anything they desire. So if you have the willingness to learn we can provide the rest.

What is Coaching?

Life Coaching originated in the USA over 10 years ago but has more recently gained public recognition in Britain where it is enjoying phenomenal growth as more and more people discover the advantages for themselves. Life Coaching is sweeping the country invading so many aspects of corporate and personal life that you almost wonder how we ever managed before. More and more people are experiencing an eagerness to become a professional read on...

Noble Manhattan Coaching in Poland

An Introduction to Coaching

We invite you and a colleague to join us COMPLIMENTARY.

People normally pay £250 to be part of the event, which is a small price to pay given the massive value people receive.

Already, many thousands of people’s lives around the world have been transformed as a result of it. Now you and a friend can join them.

This day is regarded by many as the most jam-packed informative day you will ever attend with regard to learning about being a life coach or corporate coach.

On this wonderful day you will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about training to be a Life Coach and training to be a Corporate Coach.

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